"Of course you'll train Thomas just as I have your father," commented Priscilla to her daughter, Amanda, "once you have him broken, he'll never raise his voice to you again!" "Naturally, mother," Amanda answered a matter of factly, "once the wedding is over, I'll control him by his balls, just as you have father!!!" Her mother thought about that for a second and replied, "I'm not sure you should wait, dear, it would be a much more enjoyable honeymoon if Thomas was already broken and ready to serve you!" "Do you really think so," asked Amanda seriously, "if we're not married he might try to run on me!?!" "Priscilla chuckled and replied, "Dear, have you ever known me to misjudge a man!?!" Shaking her head and smiling, Amanda answered quickly, "You're right as usual, when do you think I should do it!?!" "Well," her mother replied, "isn't he coming over this evening?!?" "Yes," Amanda replied, "he's picking me up at seven!" "Then it's settled," her mother replied firmly, "tonight when he comes by to pick you up, we'll invite him in and then break his balls!!!"
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"Please sit down," Amanda said Thomas, "mother has a few things she'd like to talk to you about!" With a worried look Thomas sat down and waited for Amanda's mother to speak! After clearing her voice she began, "As you know, in less than a month you will be marrying my daughter, and while I generally agree with her decision to marry you, I still hold some serious reservations!" "I-I don't understand," he stammered, "I have a good job, and I love your daughter deeply, and she loves me too!!! Priscilla gave Thomas a stern look and replied evenly, "My concerns lie elsewhere, young man, and if you are to marry my daughter the decisions you make in the next several minutes will be crucial, do I make myself clear!?!" "Uh, yes, perfectly," he replied quietly, "what is it you want to know?!?" "What I want you to do, is get up and face Amanda and do exactly as she says," Priscilla ordered!!!

"W-what are you doing," Tommy said in a nervous voice, as Amanda unzipped his pants and slid them down around his ankles along with his under shorts!?! "Silence," Amanda replied harshly, just do as your told!!!" "See, mother," Amanda said, "he has a very nice penis, and of course a large pair of balls!!! Upon hearing his fiancee speaking to her mother about his genitals, Tommy turned bright shade of red and tried to turn his body away from the older female's prying eyes!!! It was then for the first time that Tommy experienced the excruciating pain that was from that moment on become a normal part of his life!!! Without a word of warning, Amanda grabbed a hold of his testicles and viciously squeezed and twisted them with all of her might, sending him reeling to the floor doubled up in agony!!! "Ohhhhhhhhhh, god," he moaned, "what have you done to me, I-I can't move!!!" "Tommy," Amanda asked, "can you hear me!?!" "Y-y-yes, I hear you, ohhhhhhhhhh, it hurts so badly!!!" "Tommy," she went on, "from now on you will do what I say the moment I say it, do you understand me!?!" "Y-yes," he stammered, "I understand you, but it hurts so badly, what am I going to do," as he lay writhing on the carpeted floor!?! "The only way to take the pain away," replied Priscilla, "is to have an orgasm, so we want you to masturbate for use, and have a nice hot gusher on your tummy, do you understand!?!" "Yes," he said with a groan, "anything you ask, just make the pain go away!!!"

Both women watched in fascination as Amanda's future husband began jerking his big pecker with one hand, while cupping his swollen nuts with the other! "You were right about him," Priscilla said quietly, "he has a very nice cock, and with a little training of his balls, you can control his pecker!!!" Amanda smiled at her mother and then said, "Tommy, this is rule number one, you never ever touch your pecker unless I say so, do you understand me, because if I catch you touching yourself, I'll squeeze your balls until you pass out from the pain!!!" Tommy was furiously beating his meat, but he nodded in agreement to the first of many new rules, which of course brought a broad smile from Amanda's mother!!! "Dear," Priscilla asked her daughter, "when he's finished would it be all right if I had him eat my pussy!?!" Of course," Amanda replied, "from now on he'll suck whom ever we tell him too!!!

"I think he's getting close," Amanda opined, just as Tommy's pecker began spurting violently all over his belly, "there now, does that feel better!?!" "A-a little," he moaned, "it still hurts pretty bad though!!!" "Before you suck off mother, come over hear and let me feel them," Amanda ordered!!! "Yes, ma'am," he said quickly, as he slid over before his future wife, while offering her direct access to his bruised and swollen nuts!!! Gently, this time, she cupped his nut bag and let the two balls rolled softly from one finger to the other before closing her hand around them, and giving them a little quick squeeze! "Ohhhhhhhh," he groaned as she applied a little more pressure, "p-please, no more, no more!!!" "Are you going to be a good boy and listen to me at all times," she asked seriously!?! "Oh, yes, anything you say, just please don't hurt me anymore!!!" Unbeknownst to Tommy, Amanda's father had just entered the living room, and with his head down, silently watching as his daughter whipped her future husband into shape! "Mother," Amanda asked, "before Tommy sucks you off, I think that for him to show his sincerity, he should suck daddy off first!!!" "I think that's an excellent idea, dear," Priscialla replied beaming from ear to ear, "Jack, go over in front of Tommy and expose yourself to him!!!" With his head still bowed, Amanda's father dropped his pants and stood in front of Tommy in a pair of white lace panties, which, did nothing to hid his large erection!!! "Tommy," Amanda ordered, "get on your knees and suck daddy's pecker, and when he shoots, swallow all of his cum, do you understand me!?!" Tommy nodded, while struggling to his knees, but like the good little pussy he was becoming, he never hesitated and took the big erection into his mouth and sucked it like he had been sucking cock for years!!! "Aren't our men just precious," a very proud Priscilla offered, "look at how quickly Tommy has taken to sucking cock!!!" By this time both Amanda and her mother had lifted their skirts and begun casually playing with their wet pussies!!! "After daddy blows," Priscilla offered, "Tommy can suck me, and your father can do you!!!" "Mmmmm, that sounds heavenly," Amanda whispered, "I hope he sucks as good as Tommy does!!! "Don't worry," her mother said reassuringly, "I've trained his mouth and tongue well, he knows right where your clit is, believe me!!!" Amanda leaned back with her legs spread wide and asked, "How does a big cock taste, Tommy, do you feel like the little pussy you are!?!" Mmmmph, was all he could say, because right at that moment, his mouth was being filled by her father's spurting cum, and he was desperately trying not to lose any down his chin, as to upset his now firm mistress!!!

"Okay, pussies," Priscialla crowed, "Tommy, you come over here and suck my cunt, and Jack, you know what to do to Amanda!!!" Both men, with heads bowed, took their places between the thighs of the mother-daughter dominants, and quietly began sucking their vaginas!!! "Mmmmm, he has a wonderful mouth, "Priscilla sighed, "he should be able to service you for years!!!" "You trained daddy well," Amanda responded, "he has a very adept tongue, and you were so right, he knows exactly where my clit is!!!" The two men, just glad to be sucking females, bored in hard on their wet targets, and brought both of their respective partner's to hard quick orgasms!!! As they lounged with their legs spread wide, both women had the men clean their bulging pussy lips with their tongues, which of course resulted in another climax by both of them!!!

When they were finally completely satiated, Priscilla produced a pair of light pink panties and tossed them over to Amanda, who said, "Rule number two, from now on you will always wear a pair of frilly lace panties, is that understood!?!" Tommy took the panties from his mistress, slipped them on, and replied softly "Anything you say, dear, anything you say!!!"