"Oh, no," Belinda groaned to herself, "not now, please not now, I don't have time for this right now!!!" But no amount of pleading or denial would change the basic facts, she was a lesbian fem who although she lived alone and all of her lesbian friends were fems, once every two or three months the uncontrollable urge to be taken by a bull dyke and just plain be dominated!!! When the urge struck her, her frilly panties would be drenched with a flow of pussy juice that was almost overwhelming!!! She looked at the clock on her office wall and commented, "Shit, still two hours to go until five," as she dabbed the sweat from her forehead, "please, clock go," she pleaded!!!

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The bar was so dark that is took Belinda a few seconds to let her eyes get used to its dimness! She wished desperately that she didn't had to come here, it was such a dive, but it was the only place she knew of where she could get quick relief for her problem, so instead of stopping at the bar, she made a bee line for the lady's john at the far end of the room! Before entering she took a deep breath to help buck up her courage, because what she was about to do was definitely not rated PG!!! Gingerly pushing open the door, light streamed out onto the floor as she stepped inside! What she saw was at the same time both revolting and arousing, a pretty young fem was being brutally fucked by chunky dom wearing a long thick black strap on dildo!!! The fem was begging for the dyke to take it easy on her, but that of course was like waving a red flag in front of a bull, and only resulted in a more vicious fucking!!! Over in the corner was a leather clad biker who was sprawled in a large stuffed chair with her legs spread and a cute little blonde nursing at her swollen cunt!!! With the aroma female sex filling her nostrils, Belinda momentarily wobbled back and forth on unsteady legs while leaning against the wall for support! It was at that moment that the dyke dildo fucking the fem first noticed her and said harshly, "Well, it's been a while you little puke, whatcha need bitch, a good fuckin' from Bobbi!?!" Belinda was too overcome with fear and lust to answer immediately which of course resulted in a verbal assault from the fat dyke, "Cat got your tongue you little whore, every few months you come to Bobbi for a good fucking, so when I ask you a question you answer me you fucking bitch, got it!?!" A visibly shaken Belinda finally mumbled, "Y-yes, I need you to fuck me!!!" "Well, you're gonna have to wait a few minutes, cuz I already got me a little slut to fuck, isn't that right honey!?!" The sweet little brunette with the murderous dildo shoved into her cunt just gritted her teeth and replied, "Y-yes, that's right, you're fucking me first!!!"

The brunette's orgasm was loud and long as she writhed around while her cunt was pummeled into submission by the hard driving dildo, and when Bobbi jerked it out viciously, it made a popping sound as the air rushed into the now gaping pussy!!! Now turning to face Belinda, Bobbi ordered, "Come over here, cunt and kiss me!!!" With her head bowed Belinda made her way over to Bobbi who immediately forced her mouth open and stuck her tongue deep into the shaking fem's throat, while the taste of stale cigarettes and bourbon filled her mouth and momentarily gagging her!!! Bobbi's hands roamed all over Belinda's body, while finally coming to rest, one on her breast and the other on her full ass!!! "Mmmmmmmm," Bobbi hummed, "you still have a nice fucking ass, you should come around more often so Bobbi can have some!!!" Bobbi then shoved her away and said, "Okay, cunt, you know what to do now, so get to it!!!" Now very aroused, Belinda began removing her clothing with shaking hands while the bitch dyke watched with an almost drooling mouth!!! When she was down to her panties, the dyke stopped her, and instead, reached out and tore them off of her hips, leaving Belinda standing there totally naked in a public rest room waiting to be fucked by the fat dyke!!! "Before I fuck you I have a job for you," Bobbi laughed sickly, "I want you to suck my cunt and get me off first, so get on your fucking knees and do it!!!" As revolting as it all seemed, this is exactly what Belinda wanted, to be completely degraded and used in every way possible, so as Bobbi pulled her dildo aside, she exposed a hairy cunt with large fat lips that smelled of urine and cum!!! At this moment Belinda wished she was anywhere but here, but it was too late for that as Bobbi grabbed her by the hair and jammed her mouth hard into her snatch!!! "Oh, yeah," the fat dyke sighed, "you little fems always know just how to suck a pussy, oh, yeah, that's it, right there, yeah, do mama's big clitty!!!" As awful as it tasted, the overt power of Bobbi's pussy was incredibly addictive, attracting the young fem's tongue like a magnet to metal!!! They say that no man can suck a pussy like a woman, and Belinda proved that once again as she brought the dyke to a hard quick orgasm with her very talented tongue!!! For the first time Bobbi showed Belinda a bit of kindness when she said, "Nice work cunt, and just to show you what a good guy I am, I'm gonna let you pick how you get it!!!"

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By now creaming in her pussy and in desperate need of a good fucking, Belinda silently turned away from Bobbi and leaned face first over the back of the chair, exposing her plump ass and cunt to the big dildo!!! "So," Bobbi intoned evenly, "you want it from the back, huh, well I'm gonna fuck you within and inch of your fucking life!!! "Oh, jesus," Belinda whispered, as the dyke pushed just the head of the satisfier into her pussy, "p-please be gentle!!!" "Gentle," Bobbi spat, "you gotta be fucking kidding, you came here to get fucking reamed and that's exactly what you're gonna get," as she out of the blue thrust forward, burying the thick piece of latex deep inside of her helpless cunt!!! "Oweeeeeeeeee," Belinda yelped when her cunt was brutally filled with cock, "t-take it easy, oooohhhhhhhhhhh, shit that feels good, do it, harder, do me, do me harder!!!" Bobbi smirked to herself and replied, "You little cunts are all alike, acting like you're so fucking dainty when all along you want the big one shoved in as hard and as fast as I can give it to you, am I fucking right or not!?!" "Y-y-you're right," Belinda moaned, "I need it hard, fast, and deep, give it to me you fucking dyke!!!" That did it!!! These little fem cunts come to Bobbi to get the edge taken off, and before you know it they're talking trash and giving all the fucking orders, well this time she'd had it, as her ass turned into a pile driver and her dildo into a battering ram!!! Belinda couldn't believe her cunt could be so assaulted and yet want it more and more!!! Her orgasm was building like a tidal wave deep inside of her as she met each one of Bobbi's thrusts and begged for more!!! Finally it happened, the pent up sexual energy boiled over in her cunt as a massive climax tore through her loins, leaving her shaking in a collapsed heap over the back of the chair!!!

On her way home, she could feel the cool night air on her bare pussy as she walked the six blocks to her apartment! It was a mixture of pain and relief that oozed out of her cunt, satisfied for now, her need to be taken and used slaked for the time being!!! She knew, as did every other fem, that it was of course only a temporary cure, as in a month or maybe two, the little itch deep inside of her would bubble to the surface and demand attention!!! And again, she would seek out the low lifes of her kind to quell her burning passion!!!


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