Good evening ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to another edition of the most popular radio call in sex advice program in America, The Doctor Is In!!! And here to answer all of your questions regarding relationships and of course sex, is your host, Dr. Samantha Miller!!! Thank you, Steve Parker, I'm your host Dr. Samantha Miller, and for the next three hours we'll try and answer as many questions about sex, love, and relationships as we can!!! As you know, this program is of an adult nature, so if you are easily offended by frank talk about sexual matters, turn off your radio now!!! Okay, let's go to our first caller, you're on with Dr. Sam, how may I help you!?!

Hello, Dr. Sam, I'm a single woman of thirty, and my problem is that I'm addicted to oral sex, can you help me!?! Tell me, how often do you perform oral sex?!? Well, at least twice a day if I can, usually once with my boy friend, and then at work there's a guy who lets me suck him at lunch!!! Does your habit interfere with your normal routine?!? Uh, not really I guess, if you mean do I get all of my work done and stuff, no, then I guess it doesn't!!! And you really love having a man in your mouth, is that correct?!? Yes, I love having a hard penis in my mouth, and of course cumming!!! You're not forcing these men to let you suck them are you?!? No, not at all, they both love it!!! "Well, caller, I really don't see that you have a problem!!! There are a lot of women out there just like you who love sucking a penis more than anything else, so I say just go with the flow and enjoy it, next caller please!!!

Dr. Sam, this isn't my question, but I just want that last caller to know that I love sucking cock too, and she's got nothing to be ashamed about!!! Anyway, my question is I gave birth to a baby about six months ago, and my husband just loves breast feeding on my nipples!!! I only breast fed the baby for a few weeks after delivery, but my husband took over and now my breasts are still producing milk, is this dangerous?!? No, caller, it is not dangerous, but how do you feel about nursing your husband!?! Well, I have to admit that it feels great, and it's gotten so that I can have an orgasm just from having him suck my nipples!!! How often does he suck them?!? Oh, for a half hour in the morning, another half hour after work, and then for an hour or so at night in bed!!! Does he get erections when sucking you?!? Oh, yes, all the time, usually at night I suck him off after he's done nursing!!! Well, caller, if you both enjoy this breast play, I see no reason for you to worry about a thing, good luck, next caller please!!!

Hi, Dr. Sam, I'm a little nervous, but here goes, I'm a forty year old married mother of three and am worried that I'm becoming a lesbian! Well, caller, you're have to go into a little more detail, what makes you think that you're gay? Up until a month ago I'd never had any sexual contact of any kind with a female, but all that changed after a party my husband and I hosted for about thirty of our friends! There was quite a bit of drinking going on, and to make a long story short, my husband passed out at about two in the morning leaving me alone to help everyone find their coats and hats and shoo them on their way home!!! Well anyway, a friend of a friend was the last one to leave! She was a college senior who was home visiting for the holidays! The house was a total shambles from the party, and she offered to help me get things straightened up! We were stacking dishes in the kitchen, when out of the blue she pulled me to her and kissed me full on the lips!!! I have to say that I was stunned by her forwardness, but having had too much to drink myself, I didn't offer any resistance at all!!! She smelled of expensive perfume, which coupled with the kiss was very arousing to say the least!!! She took me by the hand and led me into the den, closed the door behind us, and pulled me down onto the sofa with her!!!

After necking for a little while, she slid off the couch and stuck her head up under my dress!!! She kissed the inside of my thigh all the way up to my vagina and with her tongue, separated my lips and began flicking it over the head of my clitoris!!! I wanted her to stop, but it felt so good that I just lay back and let her tongue me to orgasm!!! The next thing I knew, a large firm nipple was planted between my lips, and for the next hour or so she nursed me like I was a baby!!! Finally, she kissed me again and pushed me down between her legs!!! Her lips were shaved and moisture was oozing out of the length of her crack, it was intoxicating to say the least!!! She gently pulled my mouth to her vagina, and unbelievably, I sucked to three or four hard orgasms!!! Afterwards, we lay in each other's arms and just kissed and cuddled together!!! It was wonderful! Now, do you think I've become a lesbian!?! Whew!!! That was some story!!! Have you followed up on your first experience?!? Uh, no, it was just that one time!!! Do you still enjoy sex with your husband?!? Oh, yes, very much!!! One experience does not a lesbian make!!! You obviously had too much to drink and were caught up in a vortex that seemed inescapable!!! Relax, take it for what it was, just a pleasant one night stand that happened to be with a woman, thank you and good luck, next caller, please!!!

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Dr. Sam??? Yes caller, you're on with the doctor, go ahead with your question! Uh, thanks, my name's Mike and I'm married and have two children! My problem is that I love to sneak up to houses and watch women take off their clothes!!! I just love seeing them casually removing their panties and bras and showing me their bodies!!! I know it's wrong, but I just can't seem to help it!!! Not only is it wrong, Mike, it's illegal, just what would happen to you if you got caught!!! I-I know that, but I love it so much I can't help myself!!! Have you tried going to strip clubs instead? Yes, and it's not the same, it's all fake, and besides, I masturbate when I'm peeping, and you can't do that in a bar!!! Do you always ejaculate when you're watching through the windows?!? Always, usually just as she removes either her bra or panties!!! If she has huge tits I usually cum just when she drops her bra!!! If she has a really hairy vagina, I can cum just from seeing all that fur!!! What about your wife, do you ever try to peek at her?!? Uh, no, I don't, I can see her anytime!!! Well, Mike, maybe you should try doing your thing at home, it might be exciting to see your wife if she is unaware that you're watching her! Does your wife have large breasts and a hairy vagina?!? She has very large breasts and her vagina is pretty hairy!!! Well then, why don't try that, and instead of masturbating, hold it and bring it inside and let her finish you off!!! Does your wife like doing oral sex?!? Yeah, she likes it okay, and she swallows!!! Good, then try this, watch your wife undress, and then slip into the house and offer her your erection, I'll bet she drops and sucks, thanks for your call!!! It's time now to break for a commercial, we'll be back on the other side of the hour, this is Dr. Samantha Miller your on the air therapist!!!

"Wow, those were some callers," Dr. Sam opined enthusiastically, "a great first hour!!!" "I need to get some notes from office, can you come with me, Steve!?!" Back in her office, the doctor turned to announcer Steve Parker and said quickly, "We only have four minutes, hurry, get down and do me quick, I'm so fucking hot from all those calls!!!" As usual, Dr. Sam wasn't wearing any panties, so it only took a second for her to lift her dress and offer her hairy muffy to Steve's hungry mouth!!! "Mmmmmm," she sighed, "if my last caller Mike could see my bushy pussy he'd shoot it right in the fucking flowers!!!" "Oh, yeah, Steve, do the doctor's clit for her, that's "The right, do mama's pussy for her, make her cum for you!!!" A knock on the door and a stage hand yelled, "Two minutes to air, doctor!!!" "Uh, okay, I'll be right out in a second," she stammered!!! "Quick, Stevie, we gotta go now, make it happen for me oooweeeeeee, I'm cumming so fucking hard, that's it, do my clit, oh, yeah, eat mama up, yes, yes, yesssssss!!!

Two hours later............. "Thank you callers for another wonderful session!!! Tune in again tomorrow to "The Doctor Is In", this is Dr. Samantha Miller, bye now!!!