The two men stood in the middle of the room with their heads hung low, not daring to look at their mistresses until they were spoken to! Both mother and daughter were lolling on the sofa naked, with their legs spread wide and their vaginas flared open in a wet invitation for oral sex! "Don't they look just precious," Priscilla said to her daughter, while eyeing her husband and son in law, "I especially think Tommy looks so sweet in his new bra and panty out fit!!!" "Me too," her daughter gushed, "they both have such large erections, and they look so uncomfortable, I'll bet they wish they could put them into our pussies right now!!!" "Mmmmm, I'm sure," Priscilla replied, "but we have other plans for those erections don't we!?!" "That's right," Amanda replied while laughing, "you two little pussies will soon be putting on a show for our best girl friends!!! A look of horror came over Tommy's face as he realized the ramifications of what his new bride had just revealed, and he begged, "P-please, dear, don't let anyone see me dressed like this!!!" "Did I say you could speak," Amanda demanded!?! "No," he replied softly, "I-I'm sorry, dear!" "That's better," she retorted, "you just shut your mouth and do what you're told!!!"

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Tommy couldn't believe what was happening to him!!! Just two months ago he was a happy go lucky young man looking forward to his marriage to an beautiful young woman, when out of the blue, she had grabbed him by his testicles and completely dominated his existence!!! Even worse, he had found out that Amanda's mother had forced her father into a subservient roll twenty years ago, and was now tutoring her daughter in the fine art of domination!!! At this very minute, there were ten naked women laughing and poking fun at the two bra and panty clad submissives!!! "Oh, Pris," an overweight woman with huge tits gushed, "you have done a marvelous job bringing up Amanda, as well as training Jack and Tommy, do you think it would be okay if I touched their erections!?!" "Thanks," Pris said beaming, "I believe that things have turned out rather well, and of course, feel free to touch them as you please!!!" "Say, everyone," Priscilla announced, "Candy is going to unwrap our little pussy's erections, so if everyone will take a seat, we can watch and enjoy it!!!" "Do Tommy first," someone yelled out, "it looks like he has a big one!!! This comment was met with regales of laughter, which quickly turned to oohs and ahhhs as Candy slid Tommy's panties down to his ankles!!! "Hey, Amanda," Jill called out, "how does it feel to get fucked by that big cock!?!" Amanda chuckled and replied, "Well girls, as you know, Tommy and I have just gotten married and as of yet he hasn't earned the right to put his erection into my vagina, but he's getting there!!!" "Wow, Jill shot back, "you have more will power than I do!!!" "Well," Priscilla rejoined, "how would you like to be his first, Jill?!?" "Really," Jill asked excitedly, "are you serious!?!" "Of course" Priscilla replied, "he's yours for the taking, would anyone like to have Jack suck her pussy!?!" While everyone's hands shot up in unison, Priscilla commented to Amanda, "This is going to be a very successful party!!!"

While panty clad Jack took his place between Vera's thighs, Jill stood in front of Tommy and jacked his hard pecker until he was groaning in anticipation! "Not so fast, my little pussy," Jill said softly to Tommy, "you're gonna have to stick that big thing into my tight little pussy!!!" Everyone became very quiet as Jill pushed Tommy down onto his back and slowly lowered her hairy little pussy onto his big prick head! "Oh, shit," she moaned as each inch of his thickness slowly slipped inside of her, "jesus, Amanda, you don't know what you're missing, I'm already about to cum!!!" Tommy couldn't believe his luck, Amanda wouldn't let him fuck her, but she was letting one of her friends do it for her!!! Just when he thought that he was going to be able to shoot his load into a nice tight pussy, he heard the harsh voice of Prisciall piercing the air, "Tommy, you may give Jill her orgasm, but if you climax in her vagina, we will have to give you some additional punishment!!! "Oh, no," he groaned to himself, "if he shot his nut, that bitch Priscilla would grab him by his nuts and squeeze them until he passed out!!!" "Did you hear me, Thomas," she repeated?!? "Y-yes, mistress," he stammered, "I-I won't cum in her vagina!!!" It was pure torture for him, the lithe body of Jill was bouncing up and down on his pole as she drove herself to orgasm, while he on the other hand, was forced to try and keep his prick from emptying his seed inside of her!!!

On the other side of the room, Vera was nearing her own climax thanks to the talented tongue of pussy whipped Jack!!! "How is he," asked Priscilla, "I trained him myself!?!" "He's wonderful," Vera said between shallow breaths, "h-he knows just exactly where my clit is!!!" Around the rest of the room, everyone had casually begun to masturbate while watching the two women being pleasured by the submissive pussy males!!! Jill was the closest to orgasm, and her soft moans had turned into loud if not vociferous groans as she bore down on the thick pecker that was impaling her tight vagina!!! "Oh, god," she groaned loudly, "he's so fucking big, he's splitting me in half," while at the same time, several of the women in the audience couldn't hold back either, as the sight of seeing the cute little ass moving up and down drove them over the edge along with Jill!!! For Tommy, on the other hand, it was total agony!!! The little bitch riding his cock had taken no mind about his predicament, and had used him for her own personal fuck doll!!! Gritting his teeth and trying in vain to think about other non sexual things, as Jill settled hard onto his meat, he erupted in a violent cock numbing orgasm, that filled the little blonde's cunt with a gusher of cum!!! Everyone in the room grew silent almost at once, realizing that Tommy had failed control himself as Priscilla had ordered!!! As his shrinking cock slipped from the slippery cunt, Priscilla intoned evenly, "Thomas, you are in a world of trouble!!!

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"I-I'm sorry, mistress," he stammered, "I couldn't help myself!!!" "What do you think we should do with him, dear," she asked her daughter, Amanda?!? "Please," he interjected, "don't hurt me anymore, I'll try to do better next time!!!" "Shut your mouth, cunt," she spat back to him, "get over here this instant!!!" Slinking over to her with head bowed, he waited for what he was sure to be a very painful experience!!! "Look at his pecker," she said derisively, "all that meat and he still can't measure up!!!" While she was speaking, Priscilla took his cock in her hand and softly caressed it until it was again at full attention!!! "How does that feel, Thomas," she asked softly?!? "V-very good," he shuttered, still nervous at what might happen at any moment!!! When her hand slowly slid from his cock to his sore testicles, he knew the end was near!!! "Thomas," she asked, "are your balls sore!?!" "Yes," he sighed in a voice of resignation, "very sore!!!" "And why is that," she pressed!?! "Because you and Mistress Amanda have squeezed them hard," he replied!!! "And why have we done that," she asked?!? "Because I deserve it," he said with head bowed!!! "That is correct," she replied, "you are nothing more than a pig male who must be punished!!!" He was just about to reply, when out of nowhere, she gripped hard on his swollen nut sack until he slid to the floor and passed out form the pain!!!

"Jack," Priscilla barked, "get up from that pussy and get over here, right now!!!" "Yes, ma'am, he replied, as he quickly scurried over in front of his naked wife!!! "A lot of what went on here with Thomas is your fault," she snapped harshly, "I gave you specific instructions to explain all of the rules to him, but is obvious you did a poor job of it, for that reason, you will receive the same punishment!!!" "Amanda, take your father's balls in your hand," she intoned evenly, "now, show him the power!!!" While looking her mother in the eye, Amanda slowly closed her hand around the two sensitive organs until she was crushing them with a vice like grip!!! "Ohhhhhhhh, god, the pain," he wailed, just before passing out next to his young son in law!!!

The ladies slowly filed out of the living room and into the dining room for some refreshments, while leaving the two male pussies passed out on the floor. As they slowly regained consciousness, the pain in their groins seemed beyond belief, and Tommy moaned to Jack, "I-is it always like this!!!" "Yes, it is," Jack replied through gritted teeth, and I wouldn't want it any other way!!!


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